Ugly Shopper

DSC00485 copyPart of my work involves being on the retail floor, and it never fails to appall me when shoppers walk in thinking anyone on the retail floor is either dumb or missing when brains were being handed out.  They demand undivided attention for the smallest of things, they are disconcerted and thus turn ugly, when they are countered with a sensible thoughtful reply, they cannot imagine that a retail person has some grey matter, maybe more so than them..?? They expect us to spill forth all our recommendations and knowledge in order for them to buy some stuff off the net?

They all look like one of us (to quote Bernice)…like your regular office person, possibly people I would meet when I go out on corporate sales and yet, the elitist in them rears its ugly head when they think they are talking to someone beneath them.

I had someone walked in not too long ago, insisting that I do the whole song and dance?!  Show and explain every item she was interested and points at??, which I did.. (and i don’t think Prada with their oh so expensive handbags would do why does she think we have to?), and then guess what…after all that, she wrote an email in to the company to complain to me about me…everything I did was reinterpreted, turned on its head!

I was thinking then, if the poor sales assistant was some foreign girl in some chain store..really in need of the job and this sort of complaint comes you think the management of that big name store would care to investigate…she is only one on the minnows, she can be dispensed with – and all thanks to the shopper who has a big chip on her shoulder!

So people, be confident in yourselves, you don’t have to be a bitch or bastard to get attention, niceness goes along way.

I have faced such discrimination in Germany not so long ago..lady refused to attend to me because I was looking like me??  She was a service staff, I charged that to: “she does not know any better”, I went quietly to another  person for my order…i.e. after waiting for everyone to get theirs.

I do not feel small, neither do I feel sorry, as that would be condescending..she was simply not exposed and perhaps her life is hard.


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