Strange Stupid Perceptions

DSC09559 copyOver dinner last night, a relative suddenly proclaimed the China wushu trained physicist/archipucturist I recommended him too was so expensive….and all for $50 for a half hour of “hands-on treatment” and probably with medicine thrown in?

It disgusted me, because, he presumed a China trained traditional doctor in a HDB shophouse should be a cheap charlie, whereas, I am sure he would have no issue paying someone sitting in some fancy hospital, who would probably cast a 5 second glance and send you off to a physio, charging you hundreds for 5 minutes without nary a lift of a finger, I’ve been there..I know…

It brings to my mind how ridiculous people sound when they scream “so expensive”.  I have seen this afflicting people of all levels and I often wonder how if they ever paused to consider how crazy they sound?  When they label something “so expensive”, they are saying that the shop/seller is trying to rip you off, coz, the price tag does not commensurate with the value of the merchandize…often they would have no clue what is value or quality…but what the hell, are we not all supposed to be educated at least possess some sort of common sense or a brain to think with?

In my opinion, what they really mean is;

1) I don’t want to pay for this, BECAUSE, I would rather

a) pay for my golfing weekends (like my relative)

b) go for my weekend spa retreat

c) buy a new car

d) you don’t look like you deserve a penny from me, you asshole coz you look like shit and you are ugly, you are down and trodden and you look like I can walk all over you!

So, often, when I am not ready or can’t afford to buy something from the sales assistant at the moment, I would say simply and honestly that it is out of my budget.  That is not a crime, surely.


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