Ugly Son

Whilst busy day dreaming in a corner the other day at the shop, I noticed a flurry of activities where we house our SIGG, a family shuffled out quietly and then my staff loped over to me, shrugging.  Apparently, she was explaining to the senior lady, who needed a bottle, and her daughter or daughter-in-law, when a man (I would suppose the son/husband) came in and proceeded to lecture them…”I’m looking for low end and here you are looking at high end”.  He looked at a bottle and he went berserk..”$39…crazy!!”

Both women (poor things) were struck dumb and speechless against his tirade.  Both trailed behind him, his mother with head bent and tilted to one side, following quietly.

I was rather pissed to hear that because I am sure the mother did not go around shopping for the cheapest milk and/or milk bottle for that awful asshole of a so called man.  Besides, what is with this dictatorship going on?

Then my staff asked what I would do..?  Well! I would tell that Ah Mah, here is the bottle which is going to last you for as long as you need to drink from it, and I am going to ask my company to cut my pay for this bottle because I want you to have it!!

And as for you, you little little man…the bottle is $54 not $39 and it will last you no less than 10 years…so that works out to $0.014 per day at the very most and as for cost of tap got your water bill every month, go figure how much for a litre yourself you numbskull.

Is it not the economics? Stoopid or what?


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