Been and Done

I had my bday recently…in normal circumstances I keep it rather low key coz there is nothing for me to like about it.  My favourite activity for years is actually to spend some time at the gym.  Only whilst working out am I completely swtiched off as concentration is important, so, it has always been kind of relaxing for me.

This year, its been a bustle of activities, my biz partner is back in town from her adopted HKG (it was very nice to catch up and consolidate on forward plans)..old friends called me, event to attend, biz is hopping a little (which is good of course)…all in all a little too busy + alot of drinking and eating = muffin top 😦

In the midst of all these hullabaloo I experienced 2 beautiful expressions..

from Monica Alsagoff (who never missed a greeting for all occasions)..

“HB C!…Age is a case of mind over matter.  Well..if you don’t mind, it wont matter :).  Well, you are only young once but you can be immature for a lifetime 🙂  Wishing you another good year surrounded with love, peace, family, good friends, good health, good times, good will & good deeds.

from 2 contacts of a different age and time…

lovely original cards..details..their time and effort..sensitive expressions written down..making me feel, for what it is worth, I am quite successful as a human being.

So here I am, two thirds of my life done…been almost everywhere, done almost all of that..all I want is for people that I care about should never be of want..that would be a life lived well.


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