Broken People

Two of my biz associates recently went separate ways..a couple leading an alternative lifestyle.  I was rather devastated coz “stupid romantic me want everybody to be happy forever finds it very hard to reconcile when 1 becomes 2″…sigh…

Hard enough if you were straight but how hard is it if you were not…who’d you talk too?  Who would understand…would anyone bother or fathom….. .what on earth??  You little pansies or dykes or whatever??

It brings me back in time, when I was 18, crazy head over heels in love with Sabri (i don’t where he is now)…he was like raving gay, terribly broken hearted and was on the verge of being dumped by his Brit boyfriend and probably find this overly expressive girl amusing enough to spend some time with…I remember in those days, you can still order a coffee (with non stop refills) and smoke all night long in Holiday Inn 🙂 and I asked him so very can you love another man so deep (like only an idiot could)..and he told me it is the same sensation you know..this is the same. Did I feel stupid?

Anyhow, back to my friends I’m sure they will move on and I’m just being my usual maudlin self.

I wish them both the very best and that their wishes and dreams may all come true for both.


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