Ugly Illumination

_0011100 copyCouple of weeks back i was shopping for a swimsuit for my upcoming holiday…of course i’ve been fairly careful with my food..keeping to my work out plans..blah blah so that i can…you know, look fairly passable in various stages of undress…

Then, in the fitting room, i was like commenting to my shopping companion like i kind of look better at home, i mean i am smoother, slimmer, more svelte looking at my own mirror at home…and then i started observing the lighting and as always (which i find it very strange) commonly afflicting most boutiques..up the the various high end ones..harsh overhead lightings!

i mean, you don’t have to be an expert to realize that overhead lighting cast harsh sinister shadows over your face, making you look like some caricature of yourself? And, according to a friend of mine..she shrieked asking for help wondering what’s with the orange peel at the back of her thighs…and..sigh..its only cellulite..she was told!

i’ve yet to experience a truly great lighting in a fitting room (except my own at thebigcountry) ..i would think the best and most flattering lighting is like a make-up mirror? With warm lights all round, casting an even illumination?
What’s with all these dark plush dark velvet curtains with very dark walls with no lighting except an overhead downlight…making a person looking like an aged dwarf?! Drama is not for everything you know!

it was hard starting up a shop because i feel there are 3 extremely important elements to the whole experience…lighting, scent, sounds…expertise in these areas are frankly non existent. In these days and times, and just for my own self satisfaction, small things matter. i’m master nit picker i’m afraid….


One response to “Ugly Illumination

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