Coffee in Shop?!

photoSome weeks ago, a lady (personifying horror of all horrors..) dropped a bag of coffee in our shop..

Now, we do have a sign at the door “no food, no drinks” but with all the usual carelessness of a person who has utterly no respect for other people’s’ properties, she sneaked in and browsed and…as luck would have it, dropped it!!

She waved us over and in a monotone voice, (i have to hand it to her for honesty though..) she admitted seeing the signs but she brought in her coffee anyway and dropped it…and she would pay for damages.  We all combusted internally 😦 …..we felt it was a waste of breath to inform her those are ski pants and they are like 400 thereabouts a piece and so if you stain 10 of them, it is like 4,000??!! so thank you mam, please hand over your card to let us swipe 🙂 ??  That would may our day!

We all know food+drinks in hand does not a serious buyer equate!  Even when you go to a park, museum or trod on any public areas you have to abide by why not a shop?  Somewhere in the chain of human evolution, there is a serious retrogression.

This brought to my mind another incident that happened a little further back, father+son+drink in hand came into shop, I kindly advised him to finish his drink and also explained patiently that we have had one accident too many in here already.  The smart mouth told me off and that he was not drinking..i was like “huh…we said no food and drinks NOT no eating and drinking.duh…”.  Of the edge he went, he told me to stop nagging, his very young son asked…”what’s nagging?” and he said like ah ma at home lor..nag.nag..nag..he continued to shout and at the same time edging away from me (like a crab, sneaky sideway crawl..but then what do i expect, i can’t consider him a civilized human) and really…totally out of my mind was omg, what a severe case of arrested development…what did his wife see in him and is it even legal to perpetuate this bad seed of his..urghh..i am sorry for the wife of his son already!


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