about beginnings and endings


I was at a wedding celebration this afternoon, of one Herlini and Ryan..well.. I don’t know the bride or groom personally but I was invited by the father of the bride who is the father of the kid sister who is somewhat connected to me.

Unlike quite a few people who moan when they get an invite, I kind of revel in the whole going-on..cheesy as it may be…getting dressed, preening…  In a whole room of strangers, I watched people, eaves dropped, see relatives (who have not met for years?) getting on in dramatic fashions…bored kids on their smartphones..

I like talking to people, all kinds..socializing and even the stress of racking my brains for things to say to people I hardly know.

To the bride and groom, I wish for them that the magic may last forever. For me, there is nothing more lovely that seeing a couple of old folks holding hands, still talking and enjoying each other’s company right into the sunset.

Likewise for funerals..how often have I heard friends announcing they aren’t going because they do not know the dead or its bad luck or whatever. For me, I’ll go, if my friend, associate or whoever knows me informs me.  The dead could be an uncle 10 times removed for all I care but if the person finds it appropriate and important enough to inform me then it is important that I go..because..really, I am and I want to be there for the living, whenever I can, there is not always a tomorrow.


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