the worth of health

_1000198cropped copyRecently (in the past month) I was in and out  of alot of malls, checking on our POS…as usual I see casualties in our cut throat competitive world. Hoardings up at the various malls..extolling “coming your way soon blah blah”..a sign of someone biting the dust and a new shop about to take its place..(often I feel sad for the down and out, especially if it is a small enterprise..awful to have your dreams reduced to dust).

Quite often, the new shop hoarding is trumpeting yet another F&B outlet, luscious food pix, blown to bill board size, some 8 feet tall!  And then I started wondering..since when did food become entertainment? In which decade did this creep in?

Food is for sustenance, we should eat good healthy food most of the time.  Eating lavishly should remain a social celebration…meeting of friends, a marking of time.  What happened to good old entertainment like movies, reading, outdoors. cooking in??  Families now gather just for a big eat out!  My Dad used to bring us trekking and swimming..these days Dads bring kids out to the mall..(side tracking now…use our shop as an educational centre..arrrghh)

That brings my mind to exercise…I subscribe to the Greeks (of the past, not the current 🙂 ), no able mind can reside in a slothful body.  You can make do..I suppose, but you will not be optimizing your fine mind.

Like an old broken recording, I am forever trying to convince people I care about to be active and stay active.  Every time I see my biz partner when she is back in town, I’d tell her maybe this year you might want to stop smoking, pick up some activities that you could enjoy over the long term?  This last visit, I think she managed to shut my mouth for good, she told me, in earnest, she really does not like working out and she knows she may go the way of her parents (she lost them both in her 20s), victims of unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles..but she really does not like working out lor!!  She hopes if her end comes I can manage to convince the doctors not to prolong and do what i can to ease the pain, I was speechless..a little sad.

I’ve stayed active for most parts of my life…I don’t want to carry an extra 10kg or 20 kg on my back (recall what it is like to lug your travel luggage and you start to get the drift?..)  I know I do not want to just settle, settle down to bad backs, curved shoulders, bad structure, ill health..or anything that I can do physically to avoid.

When I was very very young..I worked out as entertainment, I treat myself to the gym and then to the sun on the beach on my off days. Then, when I was just very young, I worked out for stamina and to wear my clothes well.  Now that I am just young 😉 I do it just for me to avoid all of the above.. and I work like most, and like most, (even after all these years) there is this temptation to fall onto my couch at the end of the day, spread my lard ass out and nurse a glass of wine..I tell myself, always,  if I get moving and break a sweat, I’m on home run.. because I know from years of experience, I almost never ever feel worse after a work out, all I have to do is break a sweat!


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