what lasts longer??

_MG_0812.JPGI’ve been quite busy but this thing that i read a couple of weeks back has been buzzing in my head…like some annoying fly..

Early one morning some weeks back, whilst doing my stuff in the toilet, I read this post by of all people AWARE (Association of Women for Action & Research) :..it went something like …”What lasts longer, being smart or having beauty?”  I suppose AWARE being “aware” was just trying to get people thinking…nonetheless..I had to grimace, not from the toilet stuff but how terribly wrong this statement is…how very prejudiced.

Why should beauty be put down, be associated with all sorts of unflattering adjectives?  In my opinion, it is the character behind that makes the person.  A smart person, on the contrary, may not remain smart forever.  There are smarts who stop learning, they settled down smugly to their coveted jobs and spiral down, degenerating into narrow minded, odious, smug, self centered or simply very boring folks who can do their job..yes..but outside of it, nothing much I’m afraid. Not even being very nice humans.

I find it ridiculous to grade and fault gifts that you are born with…nobody chooses to be born stupid or ugly, I find it impossible to fault or criticize things that you cannot change.  On the other hand, I do fault those who are  full of ourselves, who are mean spirited, narrow hearted and minded, proud, slothful, greedy individuals..things that you can change but not wanting to, or perhaps, not recognizing it..or ungrateful and ungracious people who have forgotten their beginnings..these are traits I abhor.

Most of all, I hate labeling, broad categorization and sweeping statements.

I’m far from perfect but I am mindful and I try to check myself whenever..


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