not quite a hat full of stars

DSC09124Last night we went ice skating, with Christmas just about to arrive.  In sweltering Singapore, smack in the middle of monsoon season,which swings from being extremely hot to thundering showers, we thought it would be fun to pretend to be in somewhere cold, gliding to Christmas carols.

Luckily for most of us, who have in-line bladed or roller skated before, we can get into the groove quite fast.  Unluckily for some of us, who have not stood on anything but shoes on solid ground before, a little nerve-racking, the fear of falling high on the mind.  Hard to let go of the rink side hand holds.

I tell them it is rather like taking a leap in faith, let your body find its balance….like cycling, it is like falling uncontrollably left…right..and then suddenly, hey!….here it is my centre of gravity, I have found you!  And there you go, hair blowing in the wind, probably with the silliest ever grin on your face.  But, first, you have to take your chances…and trust yourself.

On the other hand, there is an idiot like me, pushing pushing, not very good but taking risks to go faster and faster…letting it all go….casting my centre of gravity away.  What do you expect?  I fell of course, with my right ankle landing a most awkward angle.  Inwardly I groaned, my left ankle has already gone to the dogs previously, missed a step on the stairs, followed by foolishly riding into the forest at dusk on a raining evening..(and then I hit a stump my an ankle ballooned immediately).  I was thinking omg, I’m not ready to hang up my ankles yet, loads more for me to..arghh 😦

My ankle sure did throb last night right through to the morning, in fact just about every part of me is…wondering why I just can’t stay grounded instead of taking risks with just about everything…I hobbled off to see my TCM doctor, wondering, which is the better way to live, caution to the wind or otherwise?  Being safe or risking embarrassments?


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