about Liars and Cheaters

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It’s been more than one year and finally the matter is laid to rest but i think the liar and cheater got off reeaaallly easy.
We were in Taipei in the spring of ’11 when my companion got a call from her mum that she had been hit by a car..we were a little annoyed, i mean, we were so far away and what can we do?? Besides there were other daughters in Singapore..why not call them? Anyway, upon our return, it seemed the accident was way worse than it sounded, broken bones, head concussion..intensive care.
Miraculously, as mother laid, all sprawled and oblivious to all on the road, 2 nurses happened to be passing by, helped and called for an ambulance. The people in the car in question? A pair of old folks looking for their friend’s apartment, hence, eyes everywhere but on the road. In the aftermath, the startled pair did not even have the presence of mind to make any sort of call..stood gawking, the man (the driver) hiding behind his wife.
Obviously, when the dust settled that very night and faced with their son (thunderous of face he was, who came to bail them out at the Police Station), they started on plotting to restructure their positions…weee…wave the magic wand and play lets pretend!!
They claimed she was in very dark clothes..(she was not!! i saw it in the hospital, it was a floral blouse in a riot of colours!)…oh oh and she crossed diagonally on the road…(oh you filthy buggers, lying through your already false teeth??, she was using the zebra crossing and at the centre of the road there was a relatively high divider..,now, she is almost 80, there is no reason for her to go diagonally, step up on the divider and down again is there??!! You want to lie, fine, but how about doing some homework?? They came rushing to the hospital the next day..(not in contrition..sorry to disappoint) but to check if the person they almost ran over is dead or alive…can they get away or not..so, whilst the man hung around looking sheepish, the wife was on her stage, re-arranging the whole scenario as she recited what happened..all in her opinion….of course…
And so, one year later, the driver was found guilty of careless driving, license docked for 6 months. Getting compensation…mmmm..that was another matter, because of their lies, we had to work double hard to prove accuracy in our report and man…did it take a lot of effort to prove that right is right.
6 months later, he is free to drive, his lies that caused us so much anguish to proof wrong has no impact on him, he has wasted public and insurer’s time and costs by his lies (seriously, i think all insurance covers should be revoked if the person is caught to be lying in their reports…this has happened once all too often already!).
As i look back, the amount of red tape, engaging the lawyer, getting paid help for her mum as she recuperated, even getting the Police to give us updates on the case…all these costs, time and knowledge….i asked my lawyer, so what happens if the old lady is neither educated, nor has money, nor has a family..so..how? Tough shit, good luck to you, hopefully there is a social worker hovering somewhere in the background…if not, well, lets hope we die shall we?


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