i am just like you people


today is the culmination of motherfucker of all days..ever had the feeling that things are coming to a head? ever have to deal with people who tell you that you love responsibilities…oooh you so love being a provider? well ho ho ho…i want to be having fun just like you!!  surprise???  Betcha! ever had people who just simply feel you are not good or done enough or what you have done is ..well..shit! Nice..very nice.

when i was 13 and my parents were breaking up…i was the thrust into cooking, cleaning house, whatever…did that come naturally??  well surprise again!! noooo…i’d rather being goofing off at the playround..JUST LIKE YOU! you know what….in the midst of all the scrubbing i was worried…what happens if i get my period???  well, that thankfully did not happen till i was 15 and by that time..what’s there not to know?

do i like responsibilities..nooo..i want to be irresponsible too..just like you…its fun!!

and what do i learn from today….(which i SHOULD have learnt before..surely.. but please, let it STICK this time), nobody can help you like you can, talking to folks?? mmm..just exercising vocal cords..

i am the last one standing in all situations because that is in my DNA..i don’t like it but it is already programmed…unfortunate and very unlucky…


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