a fool i am not


not uncommon to reminisce at the start of a new year what was possibly the worse of the year just passed..

it was a very rough year but top-most hand wringing catastrophe? , the one that takes the cake? the one that has you kicking yourself in the arse? well…has to be the one that dumped onto my lap a container of goods that did not comply, hence, i could not put into the market, money stuck and all my dreams came to nought!

i also learnt that dealing with the relevant local authority sucked, they were so in the box, it was like banging my head onto a brick wall…bang bang..wish i had a gun to blow my own brains out..oohh..would have been a relief!

ok that was 1 & 2 down..and the 3rd? the rep of the supplier in question offered to fly in to help me solve the issue of non compliance (frankly i have put all these thoughts onto the back burner if not for 3 consecutive queries from 3 parties asking if i felt like i’ve been had..)

how so? well the rep that came, upon arrival, claimed that he lost his wallet so i got to pick up his hotel tab plus personal loan for expenses…the loan went on to shopping for friends and family..on me..don’t get me wrong..i went in with my eyes wide open but with typical Asian hospitality, i offered (knowing that i may not get my $ back) and the offer was accepted, i was thinking how much can it be anyway?  $1K, $2K?

well the bloke in question took all my hospitality, trust and more..and my 3 friends who asked me how i felt about all these recently…well i consistently say that i feel not one iota for being had..karma is not mine to repay, i am not terribly rich but these couple of thousands lost is not going to put me into the poor house..i find this all rather laughable, tacky even!

and btw, i am never had, i let people have me, only if i want them to






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