strange companions @ ISPO encounter

250612_532577380107575_1943547779_nAs I said previously, that would be another story… very bad “chinese” lunch that lead to a total eclipse of my stomach…

The sad part was, that day was supposed to be my “funnest” day at ISPO, I planned to meet Bestard last with my pals from CoreZone Msia so that we could drink, then hop over to the Spanish Trade Board booth that was hosting the Spanish night for more drinks and jamon!!…sadly it was not to be.

I rested and thought I had everything pretty much under control then sauntered over to the Bestard booth, but 5 minutes into the meeting, I realised I was going to fall apart.  I was not sure what everyone thought, but, I was beyond caring, trying to hold my stomach down.

Well, you can’t really keep what’s struggling to be uncorked,  corked! ( a little bit like emotions actually)..I blew up in the toilet and after that I told my colleague and friends that I really have to get back to the hotel.

My CoreZone pals offered to help carry our stuff and escort us back to the hotel..which was very good of them.  We boarded the U-Bahn to make a switch to the S-Bahn at the Hauptbahnhof.

As the journey progressed, I think I began to turn into a white shade of pale…through my haze of nausea and impending collapse, my 3 silly friends were joking about who’s going to give up their bag(s) for me…is it going to be the Sea to Summit backpack or the gift fair FOC totes they got..and they did go on and on..

Finally a grim German lady (very nice she was), must have gotten tired of their endless ribbing, whilst I was about to die..she nudged my colleague and passed her a plastic bag. Then she pushed open the vent to allow in fresh cold air (which no one in the train

likes..funny but the folks there prefer stale warm air?).  Anyway, a man next to her SLAMMED it shut, she turned to him and sternly told him “Die dame ist schlecht” ..woah..”The lady is BAD!” and forcefully pushed open the vent again.

For the sake of all who were on board I held everything in but when the U arrived at the central, I rushed out and wow, it was a spectacular explosion…then the retching and the cold brought on a severe cram in my painful I screamed that I had to lie down to stretch there I was in the Hauptbahnhof, flat on my back across the seats in the middle of the rush traffic heading home..skirt and booted legs helter-skelter..wasn’t sure what my friends were doing, probably still joking away..commuters frowning at me sprawled out all over..coz i was taking up a couple of seats?!

How crazy was that?

Finally when I got back to my hotel….a bed has never looked so friends were still hanging around..joking and laughing away..when they finally left, stripping off my clothes was never ever so intoxicating.


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