a faithful someone if you please

_RIM0377Couple of nights back, my friend messaged me..why so many likes on your fb all of a sudden?

Sorry people, didn’t think they would appear, thought it was a private affair between me and fb.

See, they kept posting ads on my sidebar..single “senior” men looking for mates..after awhile i was really tired of looking at these single males..so i told fb..prefer not to see..and why? well..mmmm,

not interesting..and then they very kindly asked..and..may we know..well..what ARE you interested in and then proceeded to present me with a list. So, in exasperation, i ticked away..i liked what i like la..that’s all.

in amusement, i checked with another single friend of mine, and yes..she’s been getting them ads and we were concluded at the same time..isn’t it strange..all these ads read like
Mr xxxx, aged (like 50 and up), looking for faithful partner…practically all of them clamouring for..you guessed it..a FAITHFUL partner??!!

and i was thinking, wouldn’t you be looking for like-minded individuals, adventurous and open-minded characters, soul mates and love for things in common..urgghh..no.. i just want a faithful partner. and btw, really, if you were that good, fair, loving, understanding in all areas, i’d be faithful alright, don’t have to prefix me with “faithful”?!

well..i was thinking..(maybe that’s why you are still alone!)..you don’t know me yet and already you are laying down the rules..that made me gagged…and oh btw, faithful companion you want? ok maybe you could go get a dog? but then on 2nd thoughts that faithful dog might run away with a bitch :)…is that not so?


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