ADVENTURES/MISADVENTURES OF ME #2 CHILD OF THE INDEPENDENCE i was, my 1st birthday i believe (i spy only 1 candle!), that’s my mom handing me the knife and not mistake the intense look as excitement for the cake, it was for the knife coz i grew up loving my knife collection and hating desserts!

on my left, my eager beaver brother, can’t wait to get his first serve..and all around me?  on my right, a girl named Alice..the rest, my city neighbourhood kiddy friends, cakes were extremely uncommon back then.

now, why is the room so dark?  you may be wondering..i was after all a child of the independence!  there was a curfew going on (i’ll check with my mum later), it was either the communist insurgency or the racial riots, whichever it was, those were tumultuous years for the adults, i was none the wiser..then or even now for the matter over some matters..

the communists from indonesia planted a bomb in MacDonald’s house where my dad worked and the building, in fact the building is still standing now next to Plaza Singapore, is made of stones..bomb was too lame to do any damage to the building, but according to my dad, couple of bank staff (it was the HSBC) on the ground floor died :(….according to my mum, my dad came home early from work, dazed and pale..mmmm

and what about my hair?..even to this day, my mum never fails to revel in telling anyone who vaguely shows any polite interest, how hairless i remained till i turned 3, as with chinese customs, baby is shaved upon birth but to her dismay, mine stubbornly refused to grow for the longest time…urghh…not only  unpretty, now bald!

apparently, this child of the independence was anything but…i’d scream if my mum was out of my sight, even when she had to clingy i was (very disgusting) i would not stop till she brought me into the bathroom too, imagine that..

needless to say, it was a nightmare getting me to kindergarten..distraught clinging to legs, tears of fear and oh, my parents put me in a kindergarten ran by the opposition political party of those days, Barisan Socialist..whatev!  i rem it was on the rooftop of one of them buildings along Lavender Road, fenced up and with a tin roof, i was always wandering around during breaks, quiet and friendless, keeping to myself and..staring..all around me..

anyway, my mum was summoned coz this intensely quiet kid was not participating in any of the classroom antics..teacher wondering why and my mum thinking..oh no…adding onto my already lack lustre attributes…stupid also..and my parents were pressing me why, why, and why…and  you know what, i did not articulate my feelings then but i really thought it was really silly and stupid to stand onto my kiddy stool, wave my kiddy hands all around, chanting some kiddy rhyme..oh how silly i’d look for heaven’s you see, not so silly at all, just not wanting to look silly..and brave enough to oppose..hurray!


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