Trilogy of Ugliness


Not so long ago I had breakfast with my mum at one bak kut teh (pork rib soup) stall along Balestier Road.  It was a busy morning and was kind of hard to get a table…we had to wait a bit and asked around to share.

As we all know, the eating process itself is pretty fast, so, in a jiffy, we were done and ready to move on and that is when I noticed the table next to us was also getting up and ready to go too…well…it was a father with a couple of grown up daughters and the mess they left some aftermath of an insane child’s wildest moment..used tissues everywhere all over the table (not to mention bones spat and scattered across the table!).  As they got up, they picked up their box of unused tissues  and ambled over to their car.   Oblivious (or rather…we can’t be bothered!) to the fact that they left behind a mess and that the wind was going to pick up on their used tissues and where will they land?  On the road…sidewalk?? Who’s going to pick them up?

For starters, can they just eat slowly instead of gobbling and drooling all over, hence , needing to mop their mouths with every bite?  Would not one tissue suffice?  How big are your mouths??   How filthy are you?  Pigs???

And this happens in all our cheap eats (hawkers’ centres) all the time, someone finishes a meal and deems it fit to dump their used tissue on the table OR into the bowl which they ate from and these folks are expecting the lowly paid cleaners to run all over picking up their fly away tissues and tissues floating in the balance of your almost finished food…really, what kind of people are we?

Does anyone know what a dustbin looks like anymore?  It surely does not look like a square rectangular top (that’s a table..duh!!)  and should this rampant unhygienic behaviour not be classified as littering?  These people should be FINED like how we are so famous for.  Your used tissues are yours, with your filth and so on, please put them in your pocket or hold them in your hand and walk yourself over to the nearest bin …you moron!

Zip Up Your Mouth or is it your brain that has been Zipped!!

Recently some big online store trumpeted free freight to Singapore and of course everybody went into some sort of a heady, if that is right up your alley, well hey yeah..good for you.  Enjoy!

Of course there were write ups, couple of folks being grand and how great all this is and blah and gush and blah and gush.  Really, it is fine with me but one comment really popped…I mean made my eyes popped!  Some lady with some social media company exclaimed ..oh…those elusive..plastic steam bags now I can get them anytime and even more of them ever so frequently…I can’t live without  them..they are my in 7th heaven of delight I am….I can’t wait for my steam bags?!  Now, with free freight, more steam bags then ever is going to save me some washing time. Is it?..Whatev!

First of all, well, I understand these steam bags are well ya, BPA free (?) but SINGLE use steam bags for veggies..?!  What’s the problem with a bowl with a glass cover..there is no oil right?  After steaming the veg you can just rinse your ceramics out in two shakes of a duck’s tail??  And so you save some washing time?..mmm…to run your fingers through your hair?  And you in the social media..and this is..what should I say?  Damn unsocial!  And so you have saved the time to run your fingers through your hair or say “aw shucks”, and so, how much time you have laid on someone to clear it?  Years for the earth to degrade it..if ever??  Remember, if  time you save is at someone else’s are just passing the buck..airhead!

In my opinion, we cannot be totally green, the world has moved on and became more complicated..BUT, BYOB (bag or bottle) is something we all can do without much pain and if we all do it, there will be a difference.  We should reduce the use of plastic because they are of non-renewable source, the production takes more energy and the disposable of which also requires yet more energy and will add nothing but more toxins into our lives.  If you, social lady are going to have kids…good luck!

I’m too Cool to Push Push in the Bush

I was at a cross-road junction yesterday, so, the green man was on for folks to start crossing the road..and then I noticed, hey, you look so cool dude!  Smart grey slacks with a white buttoned down shirt and a yellow knitted blazer..and then..I noticed his old Dad on a wheelchair being pushed by his paid helper (or maid as most people prefer).  Well, the helper, a girl, obviously, was struggling a little coz Dad was not so skinny or frail..and then, cool dude was looking back every other second to check that wheelchair was cruising along fine and that Dad has not toppled…lame darting of hands to TRY (try only, no intention) and help.  I mean, do you realise how silly you look, swivelling back, redundant darting of arms..You are probably stronger, you could push too if Dad matters ever so much..and..your helper, though paid, need not be worked to the bones..they do not need to do every single task 24/7 or do you think because you have her on your payroll, she must?  I’m sure you have a job too right?  If your employer does the same to you, betcha you’d be the first to start screeching like a banshee.  For all your fine threads you have on…they were nowhere near to covering the JERK that you are within.


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