Too Many Times Already

IMG_3755How many times, how many times, how many times must you die to be alive again? Do you not understand what I am saying?

Hey I am talking to you, you are not listening, you are not looking at me, you are all shifty eyed and there is nothing coming out of your mouth.

You know what I am trying to tell you, what do you want?  What do you think you can expect? Why don’t you just go back into the hole that you came from and just hide there like you should.

So you think you don’t like what’s going on, all these swirls, what are you going to do about it?  Don’t you know by now already?  How many times have I told you, are you never going to get it?

You just don’t deserve anything!

Yes, I know that…but has anyone ever died of a broken heart?  Or how broken must it be anyway before it stops beating?


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