Dedicated to my friend who told me so recently, wordpress people are just too wordy!  Well here’s a pictorial 🙂

I started off as a child of the city…so here I was with Mom and several of my city slicker friends.  This was Haw Par Villa, a Chinese themed park featuring the 18 gates of hell, used to give me nightmares…statues featuring filial loyalty..basically all the good stuff that a human being should be and if you do not behave look out for the so many levels of hell and suffer them all!  See, my red patent Mary Janes…I refused to budge from shoe shop till Mom bought them, she was pretty disgusted with me.  Oh for goodness sake, you showy little kid!


Then, all of a sudden, we had to move to the country side (I’ll elaborate on this another time, story on its own). We moved from Idris Road to Upper Thomson Road, Peranakan terrace to zinc roofed wooden walled primitive toilet chicken hut next to us pig farm separated by a water hyacinth pond across us  rose garden facing us (our landlord was a flower farmer) frangipani tree (which I used to clamber up and sit on the boughs) next to us…btw pigs feed good on water hyacinth!

Suddenly from flush toilet to ?! (you want to know what it was like, send me a private message), fluorescent to hurricane lamp.   I remember watching my Dad pump up the lamp every evening, Dad was always so bad-tempered, when the “sock” got burnt up, he’d really get into a bad mood…

Still I managed to keep my city looks for awhile…oh oh…hi there dreamboat…


Uhhh….not you shipwreck!


Horrors, look how quickly I degenerated…oh dear me…have I not told you grooming is everything?  What’s your hand scratching at??!!  Urghh


Finally, Dad scrapped enough to buy one of those gov subsidized flat in Toa cost only about $8K..imagine that!

So then..back to the city again..yay…in my mid primary school years…and then, I moved on to secondary school..quite a good one at  that, unfortunately I wasn’t good at all, nothing outstanding (except for my swimming) and got busted for smoking… I was with my pal from school, Angela.  I remember my Principal hauling me up and telling me I was just no use and will come to no good end..ahhh..quite crestfallen to hear that 😦


Family flat in Toa Payoh, after morning run


Then on to random work, in the midst of which, I discovered Arnold and Rachel…my idols..and then I started pumping iron and I kept to it to these days.  Two best things I’ve ever done for myself, maintaining an active lifestyle and giving up on smokes.

Arnold-Schwarzenegger11 6ed2c900

So here you are, one of my first few jobs, working in the gym..main duty, working out for myself every day :), secondary duty, training all the flabby guests..of course after a while it was boring…most common question?  How do I get my stomach down?  As they say, if I got a penny for every time I was asked, I’d be super rich by now..don’t anyone ever ask me that ever please….here we go, gymchick under construction.


Perhaps wloh is right after all..the words can’t help tumbling out!  Mouthy!


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