..your nobody called today?

IMG_1286..i am your nobody…yes..that is quite correct..you look into the mirror now…you are not seeing my eyes..just your own?  so yes, it is you and i am yours..your nobody

..so, just what does your nobody do?  like everyone else, your nobody has to work (can’t say that is not fun but sometimes your nobody rages against the unending magnitude of work…)

..and what does your nobody like to do?  your nobody likes to work out, she likes to count and be lost in the rhythm of movements..she likes to feel her muscles flushed with blood, she likes to feel pumped..she likes to forget daily inconveniences and things that she cannot manage or change

..and what does your nobody eat?..almost everything all of the time but mostly healthy stuff most of the time because your nobody hates to be fat and likes being a clothes horse

..and what does your nobody like to talk about? well..almost everything, she is quite the chatterbox but things that are deep..she does not like talking about them because she does not trust anybody

..so what does your nobody do when she is alone?..she likes to get lost in music..she likes to drink..she likes to read and dream

..and write a little


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