The Umbrella Company

IMG_0870And in the not so distant future..all malls will be run by the Umbrella Company and there will be floors after floors of all sorts of processed and cheap food..and the reason for this??  They have yet to figure a way to mail order food, all others can be mail ordered at a lower and cheaper cost as their warehouses are packed and stacked by workers who are paid a pittance, there will be no need for brick and mortar stores with high rents to pay and salaries of people required to manage and to offer expert advise and some semblance of human interactions to blobs with loads of questions and urgency to proof that they are cleverer than thou!

All will be reduced to generic produce, no style or design or specialized instructions will be required because as you can see, the humans will be reduced to blobs of wobbling fats..they only need to stay put on their seats and peck at their computers/laptops with their 10 fingers (i.e. if they have ever learnt to type properly, however, in my very random observation, they mostly do so in a very elementary way of 2 forefingers..(to my disgust, if I may add).

Yes, I am afraid the future will be very bleak and strange..just the other day, in a lift in a mall, i realised out of 8 pax, only 2 are normal, me and my shadow!!  Not all the lazy bones are to be blame, it is to do with the food we consume, they are so very over processed..if you love yourself, my final advise is, please eat fresh!

And through my haze…I do wish everyone well!!


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