And so you think you are some hot shot?

IMG_1281It’s almost the holiday season, should be the best of times for retail, so, I dropped by our store last weekend.

Quite busy, but above the milling crowd I caught sight of the distraught face of one of my young staff.  At the first opportunity she told me it was terrible, her customers all morning were not at all nice!

Highlight of the morning, a family of 4 trotted in, loud mouth i am so very macho and on top of everything and oh so very smart and i want to look so omnipotent in front of my family but not so very old dad insisted on his foot size 3 son be fitted with our adult smallest size 4.5 trekking shoes!  Super sized ego dad could not take we do not have kids shoes and that no, no point trying our adult’s shoes coz it is not going to work, he snidely told off my your job? Not allowing a try…but we mean…DUH…it is obviously so big, why waste YOUR time..and mine of course as well.  The family proceeded to rampage through the store, tearing everything off the display, trying rampantly and demanded for attention by crooking a finger at my staff!!  Insisting now that she fitted his daughter with ski gloves..professionally she took measurements and took out the right size for her…but guess what, that little offspring of the retard also started her act..squealing that the gloves are too tight((i’m guessing this was pre-planned), hand can’t go in..generally making trouble, when told that she may not wearing the gloves right, good old big fat ego dad shouted Please!! daughter has worn gloves before, she is not that stupid…really..I wouldn’t have guessed, your behaviour is all too apparent of how a human should not be, your behaviour is inexplicable, your lack of respect for others is appalling and beyond disgusting AND what kind of example are you setting for your kids?

I am still quite furious really, if I were there, I would not have hesitated to march him out of the shop, we may be in business but it is not necessary for us to cater to people who has utter disrespect and totally no appreciation, much as you may think so, your money is not everything, sadly….for you that is.

That brings me back to yet another incident couple of weeks back, man came in yakking on his mobile nineteen to a dozen, obviously not shopping, but hands carelessly grabbing at everything while he gossiped on his mobile, as luck would have it he broke one of our shelves (which had clear signs of “Please ask for Assistance” ” Do not Touch”…(too  many accidents already)..Of course I went over to check, I would have let it go but he got aggressive and accused us of not being around, so, I told him we were engaged, you could ask for assistance and wait your turn, he started raising his voice and asked brusquely “what what..what do you want, just tell me la?? ” So, ok, what I want?  You can pay $35 to have that broken shelf replaced. Then I turned round on my heels and went back to the counter, and guess what, he followed after me and told me to make a claim against his accident policy..”this is an accident what, so you go and claim against my policy la!”  I was like whaaat?…you are being ridiculous and frankly, you may leave the shop now, the door is over there, you really may go!  I was wondering which part of me looked that stupid to warrant such an outlandish suggestion?

And..our government here is always rating retail service, worse of the heap, no improvement over the years blah blah blah…what they failed to rate is the quality of the shoppers, for sure there are many gems but for a lot of some…I really can’t find  a polite word to describe them!  It really does not help when rating is only one-sided.  We are here to be of service and to offer expert advise, we are people, we are educated (and even if anyone is not), we deserve respect for our work much as you demand of that from your respective bosses I am sure?  Or not??  SOB!


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