the art of bravery

DSC00461can anyone tell me how brave is brave?

i’m not at all brave, i am not brave because i have so many people around me that i am so afraid to let down.

i am so not brave because i simply can’t go right out and do the things i want to do because of the so many people…

i am so unbrave because of the things i want to do but i cannot articulate because i have so effectively censored myself…

i am so whatyoumycallit

and of course the obvious is the good does not always win or what you think is the good may be just in your own eyes good, we all have different perspective on an event or incident so what you think is good or best may not be necessarily be

and so….

so the question remains

but the point is, i do not like to be beholden to anybody, i have experienced the worse already, and, to be beholden to someone is something i find it really hard to reconcile with..

i cannot be beholden to anyone

unsubstantiated pride..well maybe..but too many incidents have crossed my path, to depend on someone?  might as well be yourself

so..yourself?  smart enough?  strong enough? good enough? bad ass enough??

not sure?

so what do you want to do?  take a drive?  well…lets go for it..


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