let us not be a brood of prudes

photo-8Seems like everyone is weighing in on the soon to come Ashley Madison’s site to Singapore, including our MDA, “for the sake of family values and public morality”!

Well, for starters, there are many types of family, let us not always think so mainstream.  Public morality?  Why don’t we all be responsible for our own morality?  We should try to choose to be as good as we can be, we are adults are we not?  We don’t need to be blocked from sites to stay true?

Bothered?  Just stay true to yourself.  Bothered about others?  Why?  Who are you?  Or just can’t stand your neighbours having fun?

For me, I’m not bothered, I think, if anyone is really in a good place in their relationship, they should not be bothered. All those filled with indignation?  Well maybe they find this all oh so fascinatingly titillating and feel compelled to protest.  It is not as if we do not know that there are tons of affairs going on under all our noses all of the time and really, those who want to get it off that way, for goodness sakes, they do not need a Ashley to tell them oh.. now I can.  All these reactions…childish.

I’m confused, why not ban prostitution, is that not detrimental to “family values and public morality”?  Block sites offering escorts with services?  And why, there is hardly a whimper when it comes to sex and violent crimes against women?  They deserve it I guess.  Sex crimes against children?  Oh they are so far away and my own kids are safe and that is all that counts..so..I do find this crescendo a little too exaggerated and a little too shrill.  The shriller you are, betcha, you just can’t wait!  Well or just maybe you can because you can’t, but I’m sure swirling in that little dirty head of yours are all kinds of naughty scenarios 😉

Not that I condone nor am I dying to sign up, but in my opinion, it is just something between 2 consenting adults, no one in a weaker position is being harmed or compromised or forced. Hopefully..

If you are good, you will be so under any circumstances, if you are not, you are not, just be brave enough to face consequences and honourable enough to make good.


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