to bmi or not to bmi, that is the question

IMG_5465I am quite distressed, as a member of an NGO group I voiced my support to their stance on “end weight-loss obsession”, meaning, we should not be defined by what others think of us all of the time, however, I added, whilst we should stand tall as what we are all gifted with as human beings, we should not embrace sloth and let ourselves go.

Meaning, (now I am thoroughly terrified of being misread), we all would prefer to choose to look like Giselle and blessed with a mind like Einstein if we can, but failing which, and if, we are born short, please do not write us off, we do not choose how we are to be but we can choose how we can best be.

So my stance is, whilst there is pressure from media, peer, so on and so forth about being thin, we also have a responsibility to stay healthy, keep active and keep within our bmi for optimum health, (btw, bmi is an internationally accepted model for good health, not beauty) my statement was, “we also must be responsible, keep to the right weight for our body type by eating right and keeping active.”  Any 3rd rate fitness person would understand, there is ectomorph, endomorph and so on..exactly what I mean, if you are an ectomorph I would not expect you to be weighing in and as an endomorph..duh…

The reply was “everyone has to manage their own priorities to manage their own health and priorities e.g. time, energy, money, goals.”

My reply was, exactly that! By being over our bmi (rudely put, overeating and being slothful) we will lose time, energy, money, goals and all our priorities…just not now, is like living on credit.  I followed with, if we truly care for ourselves, we would stop caring about what others think. Failing to be responsible for your own good health is just burdening your family and kids (if you have any).  Having ill health totally robs you of all of the above.  As I often quoted this ancient Buddhist thought “why wrap the globe with leather when you can just clad your feet with leather”!  We are never going to change others, lets just try to make ourselves feel better, surely we do not need validation from strangers?

To my horror, the reply was stereotyping based on bmi is one of the things they would like to see end?  Huh?  Women’s health and habits matter not? More horrors, the reply was being of a particular size does not “cause you to lose all priorities”, what I mean is, if you carry on being overweight, with it’s various health related problems, WHEN YOU CAN HELP IT, will bring forth all of the above, you will totally lose it all when you are fraught with ill health. No time, no energy, no goals to be made, no nothing…


I’m stressed out at work 1000% of the time, no matter what I find time to work out at least 3 times a week, for most parts of my life.  Why?  Because I need to stay healthy to cope, because I do not want to be a burden to my family, because I want to live a life that is full till the day my light goes out, because I do not want to settle down to being old and useless.  Would I prefer to lie on my couch and have a wine, you bet, I’m human!  But I choose not.


My associate at work started of chubby, now she is looking and sounding so happy because she is at a size she likes, not by miracle or starving, but by working out on her off days.  She mentioned there are tons of programs on youtube, it can be just 15 mins daily!

I see my Dad, now 82, still spritely and moving around, living on his own (I am much blessed he is allowing me to live my life as opposed to me working my life around him), he’s been talking walks all his life.  He was just a clerk bring up a family of 3 kids, I remember him talking walks every evening and he told me just the other night with a laugh, sometimes with my mum whilst we kids were washing up the plates after dinner.  He is still taking long walks today on his own, everyday!

I see a kid at the mall, queuing up for MacDonald’s upsizing his whole snack (it was 3.30pm, can’t be a meal), 3x the size a kid his age should be, is that good? Is that what we should advocate to each his own and let everyone else bear the ever escalating cost of health care?  What about his quality of life?  Lugging around 40kg of fats through his life, is that good?

I really don’t know anymore.


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