all about nothing

IMG_5931I have nothing to post, but, let me try write something because I can’t sleep.

But of course, we all have things all of the time, it is just that, somethings we prefer not to share, some we are not ready to talk about..yet, some which we are just unsure.

For things I prefer not to, no matter how hard it is to not to (as we all are probably dying to release the tension by talking about it).  Don’t.  Things do come back to haunt you, friends do use it on you, in your face or behind your back.  Episodes have taught me the various painful ways how it can boomerang on you and I can honestly say that I, too, might talk about a secret entrusted to me.

So, what do you do about it?  Talk to yourself?  Write about it?   Both are possibilities.

If you can’t hold a secret, how can another person?  So, really, I don’t blame friends.

You, yourself, are the only true confidante.  So, please walk on.


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