“Philosophy is dead”…REALLY???

when scientists get too smart for their own good

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

~ I’ve definitely struck a chord with my recent articles about science and fundamentalism, the coffee house has been buzzing with conversation about how crazy it is that I would dare question the New Scientists, “Kenneth, you’re not a scientist!” said a dude at coffee yesterday, “You have no right to question the authority of men like Dawkins and Krauss!”

Apparently, I’ve offended the gods of science by suggesting there is a greater meaning to your life and mine. Silly me, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone, so in a grand act of contrition last night I watched an episode of Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design, after all, what better way to demonstrate my remorse than to watch a TV show produced by one of the biggest New Scientists of all; STEPHEN F***ING HAWKING!!!!

So there I was, chilling out in my study, surrounded…

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