and yet another year

IMG_2114when a year comes and go with nary a whimper..i used to think the years would get easier..maybe just perhaps, they may easier in a couple of years when the transition is complete, that is the problem with the human spirit, always looking forward to something better round the corner

my day  this year was supposed to be quite auspicious, mom said i must gather some friends and make a do (you know chinese superstition and so on) but at the end of the day… it was quiet and deflated

i want to go climb a mountain again..something i have not been able to do because such an endeavour would require 2 – 3 weeks of zero worries..but i’d be sales coming in?? something i have to keep working on so that there is no gap in the necessary revenue down the road a month or months from now

dreams and yearnings..for now, as intense as yesterday, but will it continue to be so? i don’t know, i don’t even know if the dreams are right or wrong, noble or otherwise

am i a proper? i don’t know, on the other hand, what on earth is proper?

my goal before the year ends? put all wishes and will into proper order, upon my death, may my will be done


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