Can’t happen to me..

IMG_3300in this week, the proverbial, it can’t happen to me did happen..i was busy rushing through my work to go home and then, a text message came in from my sister, “i have early stage Parkinson’s and i’m going to fight it, tired of one sickness after another, i’m driving home now”… one amongst the statistic of the rare 10% to develop Parkinson’s under the age of 65!

shock can’t begin to describe, devastation is an understatement, my sister is the youngest and the thing about being the youngest is they never seem to grow up in everyone’s eyes…so you never expect anything to happen to, i was stunned into a total mess and quickly packed up to leave the office to pick up mum & dad and of course, make our way to her place

she was strong, but mum told me she cried earlier on the phone, me, I was too worried to show how worried i was and am

we are all from a strange broken up family but there is one thing we have in common, we manage ourselves by ourselves, no bothering of others, no shirking of responsibilities, living like what people should, be responsible, not using others for own benefit, not sponging off, generally not being a why? i look around me and there are so many examples of selfishness, irresponsible people positively thriving and sailing through life..what is that all about?

yes, it is not a death sentence, not life threatening, say all you want, but really, why??

immediately i was thinking how fortunate of me to make the right decision to buy her a car some 10 years or more back, i remember i had to break my savings to buy her the first car, i thought at that time, she really loved driving, she is living in the suburb, i have some cash on hand..i can hold back till i’m older to ensure that the cash is not needed, or, i can will her upon death but i was per what my “youthful” staff say, #yolo (oh..what’s that..oh, you only live once)..i felt it would really make her happy..i rem as a kid, she’d clamour for a ride on a “pop car”, some battery operated kiddy ride  they used to tout at kids’ playground, she was the only one to get those “expensive” rides

when it was time to get the 2nd car, i bit the bullet and paid for it too though by that time, conditions were getting tough and it was just more difficult to make the business work

it only serves to reinforce that things you want to do for the people you want to do for has to be now and here, do it when you have a choice, do it when you can decide to just make your own life richer or someone else’s richer (not just money) experience and anything else

and what is ahead then?…we read some and decided to push for a healthy solution, it takes discipline and hard work, but as i discussed with my sister, it’s just 1 to 1 and a half years for the next good twenty years of your life? what is there to lose, you can only end up with better health and a goal to work towards



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