SG50 so what is it to me?

IMG_2804i have not considered it until recently, it just came to me one night and i feel and am quite sure i would rather be born here and be a Singaporean than anywhere or thing else. strangely enough i’ve never yearned to be living somewhere else..never really felt the grass was greener anywhere else. i do like being a south east asian.

i like almost everything here, much as we gripe about the heat, it sure beats waking up to snow and going to work. i like the safety and the general easy living we have with our people of all religion and colours (although i do add with regret that it was much warmer when i was young), we all had friends from other races but that is getting more rare these days. our parents used to speak patois malay rather easily but ask most younger folks now, they don’t even know what the “rebus” is in “mee rebus”!

being in south east asia i think the failure to speak malay is a failure, our national anthem and language is malay and it is embarrassing to speak none, for myself i want to speak it better, my own SG50 goal.

i like the array of food from various ethnic groups and even within each groups there are subsets of food types…it is quite possible to eat something different everyday for months on end. i can eat cheap and i can live it up, our cheap is USD2.50 for a perfectly balance lunch at a low brow street food court.

i can’t even say that the people of Singapore are exemplary, i have seen many with so many faults i won’t even attempt to start curating, rude, mindless, uncultured, uncouth, selfish, expecting to get money for nothing..dirty toilet habits (akin to a 3rd world country as opposed to a developed one)..endless…but i am so totally comfortable here, things work and no bladder busting traffic jams, no scary streets..and i can walk alone almost anywhere.

and for anyone who has not much emotions about Singapore, try to get a ticket to the National Day, it will change you, it did me! the sensation from a crowd gathered to celebrate our country’s birthday is rather moving to say the least. i was lucky to be a part of this in 2010 when we had a small gig at the National Day, we were appointed to make the costumes for the “robocops”, what a ride that was, 24 days to get the design out and the goods produced, what a great experience and opportunity! so proud to be a part of that year’s event :), so thoroughly enjoyable.


if you you are still feeling nothing, do listen to our Dick Lee’s Home as rendered by our Kit Chan

oh and look out for our “robocops” forming the red part of the flag here..

autocratic government, senseless rules and regulations that hurt some of us, even me, lack of freedom of speech or not enough MRT trains, high COE…whatever, yes all that and possibly more but it is as good as it can be, for now, in this very fragile world, sure there are many things to be improved but so do the people who have come to expect so much, until then, i choose to work myself around things, sometimes with great pain but then again, is there ever a catch all solution anywhere in the world? may not be so hip, but, i am quite in love…


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