Last Words

IMG_1754whilst we are still feeling the loss and before the crazy wheel of life move us forward, i have no choice but to put forth how i feel about certain quarters.  so what good do you think you can do? i was asked, probably nothing, but, if we keep mum on matters that we do not agree with, how will we ever evolve?  it is always easier to complain and rant is it not? writing in to compliment, well..that takes a little more effort

that he, #LKY, was a self serving dictator?

how can the collective intelligence of lauded world leaders be wrong?  did you keep an open mind and observe instead of jumping onto the so called left and liberal wagon? (nothing against that) but i don’t think stomachs can’t be fed other than by pragmatism..there is a time for everything surely and his time was not for the sweet niceties of afternoon teas with finger cucumber sandwiches!

there was work to be done and he was man to do the work he had to do and there has never been a complaint made against him by people who had to work for him closely and he faced up to his wrongs even in his grand old age (that 2nd language thing, of which i was a victim too), how many would? not you…

i am really proud that we have in #Singapore, someone from a breed so few and rare, a man of his time, a man so respected the world over, a man that gave us a country, how many nations are lucky to have that? a man that gave us our red passports to trot all over the world..why don’t you just give that up?

running a small company, i am having a very hard time right now with the economic policies, but, we must all know that decisions made cannot be best for everybody, a catch 22 situation does not exist in a company, much less a country! and, if the decisions were not mostly right, again, why are we here now?  we could very well be quite something else, remain forever as some backwaters and go fish?

taking pot shots at his family

now, i feel that is really really low, for those who made unkind comments about his family (i’m not going to repeat, cruel self serving oh i think i am so very wise with these premonitions blah blah)..whatever..during this period of mourning, especially,…really, how low can you go?  maybe you should just slide down the hole where you came from, you sloths, because that is really where you belong, and, for those behaving like some hipsters being all so cool to be so anti establishment, you know what, you are as shallow as they come! omg..give me a break

freedom of speech

i find this all so weird and twisted, i hate to disappoint all, but, yes, we do have GREAT freedom of speech, coz, freedom of speech means just that, free to speak like a learned and considerate gentleman in a civilised, factual, honest and respectful way about anyone and anything under the sun in Singapore, yes, even if you disagree, otherwise, are you lacking in some grey matters somewhere if you cannot express your  disagreement in acceptable civil society way, poor you

freedom of speech is not freedom for twisted, rude, mental, insulting, discriminating, divisive, disrespectful, ignorant ranting for your 5 seconds of fame and the sooner civilizations understand that, the better the world would be, there is nothing heroic about being rude, crude and insulting, is there? and it has to be stopped, i totally agree, where would world order be otherwise? do kids have a right to insult parents, authorities etc?

so you don’t think it was such a big deal

yup, and yes, he never said he was the sole architect, sole brilliant mind (again, detractors, you keep such close minds and have you not read and be opened to the commendations from so many people from so many walks of life who’s lives have been touched by him), if you criticize him then you are also putting down the whole generation(s) of folks who stood by him and built up #Singapore to what we know today

and really if you are so against it all, why are you still hanging around enjoying the fruits of the labour of his and subsequent generation(s)..go make you life somewhere, maybe in Somolia or Nigeria, do that, perhaps that will help you think again

sure, he was not all right, but, he was mostly right, and then, can you match up or did you do anything for the country? yes? no?

i’m so done


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