Plastic Bags and Plastic Bags

IMG_1716On DWTV some nights ago, it seems micro organisms eat plastics, fish eat them and humans eat fish. Now, why should this be such a revelation, wouldn’t any half minded person know by now? So, are we going to ignore and say not during my time, i have no kids and i don’t care? Or simply, i just don’t care? Go ahead and be selfish, don’t marvel at the beauty of nature when you travel, don’t be a hypocrite.  Why gush at the beauty around you? Don’t trek through trails with a single use bottle and leave it along the trail when it is done (I’ve seen lots)…just you stay home and rot in front of your TV because you just don’t deserve it.  #Plastics last for a 100 years or more, go ahead, celebrate. For me, i am not preserving it for “my” future generatioms, i choose not to because i love nature and i really want to do it for my own satisfaction of being a responsible earth dweller and i really respect or try to, whatever is around me.  I don’t need another human going through the trails to clear out my rubbish, even if they are paid to do the job. Why, because i despise sloth.  Leave nothing but footprints, don’t you get it by now? And whilst we are on this topic, how is it so that #Singapore is so backward on this when compared to messy #Hong Kong?  Over there, years back the retail conglomerates just ganged up and issued an ultimatum on “no plastic bags”!  What did we have here?  No “plastic bag Wed”, else you pay $0.10/per bag…it petered down, sadly and quietly, frankly..could have told you that!  What is $0.10 and so no bags today?  I’ll go to another..marts and chain stores and authorities..wise up.  Ban them all, people pay for biodegradable bags if they must, retrain all to byob, not hard at all. It never fails to me mesmerise me how idiotic the situation has become at supermarkets.  We all know the manpower crunch is for real, Qs stretching way back, poor check out lady has to scan, pack and take instructions from shoppers who are standing around all flabby with glazed eyes and instructing ever so often (with folded arms), oh pack this here, and oh, double bag this and oh yet again, give me 2 more bags, frankly i feel like clobbering them. Would it hurt for you to take out your damn purchase out from the basket?  The heavier out first, coz they have to sit at the base of bag..duh…and quickly pick an pack into your own bag(s) coz that is what happens in Europe!  And i think it makes a lot of sense, need bags, pay for it, lady scans, roll it down and you pack, then lady move on the next buyer, time saved for all around! please people, behave like one


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