i’m so uptight!!


it’s not so difficult to have me killed…if i were to read, hear or even sense these phrases  just one more time..i shall self implode…before i can even gnash my teeth down to the bones!

don’t even breath “i’m blown away”…oh really?? how overused is that..so, yasssss and up your arse maybe?!


“hit the ground running”, so, how about a sock in your jaw, i guarantee you’d hit the round, don’t know much about the running bit..


“game changer”..i’m rolling my eyes so bad it hurts..

even “rocket science” is not quite so irritating or predictable..still can bear with that, still can be quite funny, because maybe it does not come across as quite so orchestrated or pompous

so you are probably wondering now what i like…since i am so clear what i so dislike?

i like the very whimsical “tomorrow is just a day away”, it is at once magical, filled with promises and i am in the throes of anticipation already, so help me


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