i am giving up on not just one, but all of you


in not choosing not  to be ugly, you can actually be pummelled by forces who think that you are either an idiot and/or really too weak to protest

believe me you that this is not the case, the quiet are really more evolved as souls and human beings..i’m saying this because i have no other explanations not because i have grandeur thoughts about myself!

it is frustrating to think that the self righteous artists are winning the day…due to their more dramatic soliloquy…just maybe?

and it is truly amazing to me that each individuals in my life has so much to say of the other whom, it seems, in their books, to be taking advantage, when, they are so doing the same themselves

i have to pause and consider…really what is their story?!

i only have this to say, if you can’t help, please pipe down, contrary to what you think, i have a fairly evolved brain

surprise aren’t you, but nothing is lost on me, it’s whether i choose to speak or not, often times, frankly, i’d rather save my breath

i can’t change the world and lets concentrate on wrapping my feet with leather..know what i mean??


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