let’s stop thinking shall we?

IMG_2802i never really like dusk, it makes me all sad and pensive…often i’d be on the road, heading home or something…

these express ways with their straight lines and trees all shady and hanging their canopy over the roads, frankly i love them, i love looking at them, makes me calm and but they do set me thinking of things that have gone wrong, things i don’t really like to think about, but they come flooding in anyway

makes me feel all weird and i’d be talking to myself in my head all kinds of matters that has happened..especially in the year that has just passed

somehow being the victim is really tough, you want people you know to stand up for you but these people are really few and far in between, the professionals that you’d naturally look up to for advise..well?  you realise that they are human after all, what they feel and think can be bought..quite easily

betrayal is a strange feeling, it makes you feel and wonder if there is something wrong with yourself, if something is as clear as daylight then..this should not be..right??  right has to be right and wrong has to be wrong but again, really that is often not the case, everyone’s opinion can be swayed, and very easily so, it depends on how glib the speaker is..and, that is the true sad story


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