if we don’t try, we might as well lay down and die

IMG_2498much as i dislike stock expressions, i can’t think of anything other than annus horribilis to describe this year that just passed me by

no surprise i spent the so call eves of the 2 big year end holiday languishing in malaise

one reason could be i have to put in so much work just to make sure we do not fall behind and if we do, hopefully not too much..having time on my hands is a novelty i don’t know how to deal with…my mind keeps jumping like i have to do something productive..what about those things i have not done..and the list goes on

and in the papers today? an article reminding me uncomfortably that SMEs are in for a hard time, intact, they have been weathering the same for the past years but there is no respite in sight and most are pessimistic about growth in the next few years or even the foreseeable future..probably some of us are worried, even, of survival. the bane?  high rental and staff crunch and oh well, SME will have to look for new markets and dig deep into their well of creativity to get through?

i can’t quite consider ourselves as an SME (small and medium enterprise), i often refer to us as STE (small and tiny)..as far as i am concerned..we have been battering the tide for ten years already, not immediately of course, we noticed the change, we refused to acknowledge it for a while and then we started to panic and then for sheer survival’s sake we got creative and changed along with it..today we are in a totally new business, managing to keep everyone afloat whilst plotting for new income streams..

at what cost? mental health? extreme anxiety, tension? unable to uncoil..

and back to the article today…the flippant “get more creative” really got me going..don’t you think most of us have been trying already?  i’m a little luckier, what about those aunties, uncles, mom & pops, might as well wipe them off the surface of earth, imagine how lost and blue they are feeling..totally out of their depth, what do you want them to do..get tech savvy?! “get more creative”, seriously, not all businesses are made equal, not all can go global, set up shops in 3 foreign lands and/or be a force on line and frankly not all of us are that smart nor that lucky, well i suppose you’d be saying then, let the strong survive, yes you may be my guest

sometimes i wish people will just write on the problems on hand and not make us out here feel like we have a part to contribute because we are just not creative enough…is there not a bottom to creativity? there are perimeters in everything, nature of business for example..not everything can be solved by just being more creative, you might as well not bother to address the issues that brought us here…just blame those SMEs for being uncreative layabouts and let them face the doom

then whilst driving late tonight, Abba’s Happy New Year came on..one line stood out ‘if we don’t try, might as well lay down and die’..well that brought some amusement to me and i guess that is just about it


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