Pure Fiction



this is fictional, any resemblance to any living or dead person is purely incidental

no animals were hurt in this episode though one human being was

of important note, every one’s perception is different, like refracting lights, everything can be the same and entirely different all at the same time

the narrator may not be necessary right, though of course each of us would tend to think we always are

“my so called catch”

coz that was with the hipsters at Chinoiserie said

so what you have done for me you summed up with a twist and you think i have nothing to retort for myself? i tried my best to keep it amicable but you challenged me, so this is the list i have, it is not what i have not done, it was simply too long for me to recall on the spot, besides, i have a very short memory for things that I do and i really don’t keep track, it is true, i’d rather drink myself to oblivion, i don’t need to stay clear headed to plan for the next day’s meeting coz there is nothing for me to proof, i don’t need to make notes and put up defences coz life needn’t be so complicated, what i have done was right to the best of my knowledge at every moment and there is nothing to hide..since you asked for it, here it is:

i took a loan coz you wanted your Fiat, i had to face humiliation coz you did not keep up with payment and i paid for you

i took 2 jobs coz you were jobless and ended up with high fever, coz you were not home, i drank milk and that was about the worse thing to do

i forced my mum to take care of you coz you had to extract your wisdom teeth and you were running a fever

my dad ( a lowly paid simple clerk) came in with the seed money for the biz coz i asked for it

when it came to your family (all biz and finance graduates), they wanted their name on it, btw they also charged us for premise rental when we had to pack some of our goods at your family home whilst my mum helped pack for initial years FREE!

i paid off your girlfriend, shall we call her Y? coz she chalked up a huge credit card bill and you were dumping her

i dealt with all the broken relationships you have, whether to talk them into carrying on or to ditch them, sleepless nights, worrying myself sick coz you have driven off again, in your drunken stage, nothing i could do except pray for divine intervention..how many times, i can’t recall

i paid half of your car crash, your reversed into a pillar with rage, why? coz you could not wait to shed this girl for another, shall we can them Y and A, respectively

when we had our 1st car, you had first use, when i had an accident at Newton Circus one time, you insisted i rented a car so that you can keep you date with this girl, shall we call her A, at that time a couple of hundred of dollars was a lot, on top of the trauma of an accident

talking about car crashes, i paid half your car crash in HKG, again, you are enamoured with some girl. some investment you recommended paid off so, what the hell, what good is money for, if just to settle problems and keep everyone happy

you can say all you want for the past decade, but bottom line is, no matter what you do, the job is to bring in revenue, at that sort of pay that we continue to foot, the revenue must be brought in, but never mind, I wanted you to get on your feet at your own time, if a comparison were to be made, i should be worth somewhat more? no matter, i did it and i will do again, but 10 years should be quite enough don’t you think?

why my blessings for you to leave, coz you were of no use and not contributing and i remember waiting for you at the office to come back work out some plans till way past 10, not eaten, bored to bits, terribly tired, you stumbled in, drunken stupor and told me off coz i said i wish you’d tell me how long i’d have to wait, that was when my heart started dying for the 1st time, when you are are round your legendary temper terrorised the whole office

i calmly advised you to get on your own feet coz we could not sustain much longer way back in 08 but all were ignored..times change, things get hard, profits are sacrificed..

i know why you want out now, coz, there is not much you can squeeze anymore, you’ve done it all already, good job! you think, like it the stocks that you dabbled with, this is the high point, i have milked for all i want, now lets dump…well done

try changing a business model and keep everyone paid, never late for the pay checks to all and yet keeping them happy to rally behind you, not a mean feat, when i tossed the company back to you to run, you neatly turned it down as you deemed it not successful, but, did you think..how did you and everyone else get paid? are you even aware what are the prevailing economic times?

ever wondered why you are so comfortable today when we are on a level playing field actually, coz you always had first hand in dipping into reserves like you have in almost everything, don’t need to be a genius to work that out

now after a decade in the wilderness and you have resurrected, you expect me to toe the line, report and sought advise, you just siddle back into the top seat..no, you left me with shit, i rebuilt my whole world, i almost had a nervous breakdown and when did you say? “you have to work”, just like that, it was the 2nd time my heart died, i am nothing to you actually, my well being matters naught..oh well

now that we are done and my wasted decade is over, i hope you are happy as i am, now, after 10 years and my advise to you is keep your own security (translated money?) close to you, i can’t think of anyone who can be trusted more than me, simply because i just don’t love money as much as you or most people for that matter, i just love people more, i don’t have to say it, i act it, remember what i told you decades ago? talk is cheap

and the 3rd time my heart died? i was going for a meeting (one of my endless presentation meetings) and then i got an email from you prior to your Japan trip, to make sure that if anything happens to you ALL that you own goes to your partner..everything…you may think it is about the money but it is not..it is about the total disregard of a friendship and partnership that ran long and deep, it was to me at that time a total betrayal and how cheap i have become, and the person whom you despise, told me to get over it, do i really want your money? and not a single word against you..in between meetings i was totally distraught and only at the end of the day, i asked again and again if there was something wrong with my expectations and if was being just greedy? the reply came only very late..that yes, i am entitled to those feelings and then i could rest and move on

so that was how i started having to make plans for myself…you thought i shut you out..no…i was just too tired and i have many responsibilities

and not once, but many times, i just want to go to sleep and sleep on and on and on

despite all that i still do wish you the best


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