all about the US OF A

IMG_4329i don’t know about you guys in the usa so much, but, because of your country’s greatness and benevolence (not that you have no faults), us small little folks out here do look up to you and in fact need you (for now)

prob most people think i’m all weird out but i always have the big picture in mind

we little folks out here and in many parts of the world do worry about who you are choosing for your next president

we do need someone strong, just, logical and emphatic to preside

our world here is already complicated as it is

can you guys just rise above and have a bigger view???

i don’t know how you feel, to realise that your choice is not just for yourself but for many others in the world…proud? bemused? unbothered???


nothing stays static, new allegiance will be formed, folks will stop looking up
and forge new paths and maybe in time to come, America is not so great after all and we don’t need you so bad

maybe that is no so bad after all


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