i woke up all worked out!


and 2 years back

Last week, on a Saturday afternoon, I took a nap recuperating from a minor op the day before.  That was rare, a nap in the afternoon, in fact a luxury to nap on a Saturday afternoon, usually I’d still be busy at work.

Before I knew it, I was out at sea on a big sail boat, there were 3 couples, each on us our own sail boat with a high mast…and there we were all of us, all of us in each boat, hanging by the ropes on the mast looking out at sea into the setting sun…I must have been thinking too much of Ibiza and how beautiful the setting sun is and  how everyone would hang out by Cafe Del Mar to watch the sun sinking to chill out sounds..?? (not that I’ve been there).

And then, the sea started to turn dark and angry and how it churned and swirled..and what did I do?  I took off, hanging onto the rope I just swung right out over the sea in huge arcs, like some Cirque Du Soleil trapeze artist, yet, screaming in my head, oh how fucking scary is this!!!  The sea was tumultuous and rolling and black!  The fear reminded me of the time I was at Chamonix when the cable car just spat me out at peak of the Aiguille Du Midi, I looked down on the ridge with sheer drops on both sides, strapped on my crampons, stood up on my legs with knees that would not stop quaking and again screaming in my head..oh how fucking scary this is..

what did that mean?






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