The Day is Still Not Clear..yet

5 years is a long time for unclear days, 5 years ago, harking back to my 1st post

discovery, amazement, anticipation, yearnings, wanting, dreams..they die, perhaps die as, maybe, they should

5 years is 5 years too long, if anyone were to be bored, it should be me, boring myself to tears

and in-between the beginning and the end, there were many other interjections, friendships lost, old ones rekindled, disappointments and shock discoveries, endless sleepless nights, betrayals, broken partnerships, loyalty discarded,  increasing daily work loads, finding refuge in the sweet cloudy haze of alcohol

just when i think i’m getting over a hurdle, a higher one comes along

the end has to be clean, cold, surgical

the cut? sealed by its own heat

with no tearsIMG_5557\



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