streetfood KL style

my mother very sadly lamented that some of the best stalls are now gone and how as a young child she’d scramble here for breakfast


#hakkayongtaufoo this is protein without the guilt


but this was my choice..coz..we don’t get this in Spore and i was in the mood to get fat..and then this roast pork!



and she insisted i’ve gotta eat this and to commit this location to my memory, incase i should ever come back on my own again..i have to admit, this was delicious, the seller’s father has long retired and the daughter is running the show now

and these exquisitely roasted ducks


came from here..


i mean..come on..


and this was the tiny room she lived in with her mom…my mom’s dad was quite a well to do rice merchant but the war changed everything and he died, so she kind of grew up wild on the streets with a very ‘fierce’ mother, incidentally, i’ve never had the luxury of meeting any of my mom’s many others, she came to Singapore and made her life here and her father died long before i was born…her mom and her were estranged..her mom died when is was in my early 20s, one day i tried to ask her why but she snapped 😦


here she is, so excited at being at her old playground..


she was busy talking to every streetfood seller



i really admire all these folks, doing all these work..not that anyone of them is getting rich on all these anytime soon


7-11 local style


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