MUAH! More on the summer sojourn 2016

img_5419My first trip out of Singapore was to KL..way back when I was at the grand old age of 12… these days are luckier, they start at 1 😦

No year is complete without at least a trip to our neighbour..somehow, most of us here in Singapore have some relatives over there, including my family..mum hails from Malacca.

A drive to Malaysia is always almost a romantic deja vu..bringing me back to days of the past, sights long lost in Singapore, original authentic taste of food..the affordability..

l1030653tranquil..there is beauty in stillness and peace

l1030648only to be broken by a local 7-11 on wheels 🙂

l1030654and what of this seemingly forgotten wooden house?

l1030656and into Muah..the famous Muah otar otar (spicy fish paste wrapped in coconut leaves and cooked over charcoal fire..delicious on bread!


l1030670..long before bottled sodas came to be, we were alot more organic

l1030671typical food shop, no aircon, pick your own seat and no reservations required, thank you!

l1030674hainanese curry rice..yumms

p1030465char kway teow..sadly I’ve had better ones in Singapore..oh well

l1030676the art of the dough

l1030678..finished products

l1030667i want to be a millionaire so f**king bad..the ghosts are saying…these being “money” to be burnt as offerings to roaming spirits..yes, they do need $$ too!


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