Soo Kee under the old oak tree

_1030472I’m not sure how we found this place initially but ever since then, no KL trip is complete without a visit.

Soo Kee at Jalan Imbi, heart of Chinatown KL..under the shady old tree


long before fancy restaurants started exposing their chefs through glass windows and everyone went oooohhh aahhhh, we had sorry, your ideas were neither original nor novel

my mum chose to order the most simple of food ever, coz,  these are just no longer available in Singapore, simple as they may be


koo chye (chinese chives quick stir fried with pig’s intestines (intestines from a sow..that is, kind of crunchy, not chewy)


pig’s liver with spring onions


kai lan with pig’s kidneys

why all these innards?  they don’t sell fresh innards no more in Spore 😦


and the day’s prize?  sang har meen (fresh prawn noodles), h..u…g..e..and i do mean huge prawns, its just half prawn per pax (they say…it is that big), sitting on a bed of crispy noodles with veg and a gravy of eggy prawn roe..oooo weee


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