Chiang Mai 2nd time charm


And then I went back to Chiang Mai..this time round in December 2016, when the weather was wonderfully cool at night..some heated moments in the day but generally very agreeable. Whatever it is, it is better than our 32 degrees C, 365 days of the year!


But, no swimming, was like ice!


there are resting beds like everywhere, walk 5 steps and take a nap


the 2nd floor are just get there via a narrow and steep flight of stairs…be brave



mmmm..these do look a little strange..i wonder…


and the neighbour..what, where neighbour??


oooops what happened to the neighbour??!!


well..never mind, enjoy the view

Chiang Mai is relaxing and laid back, not so many tourists around, not much crowd, no crazy traffic..though they did say it was the high season..but, goodness where are they, the tourists??!!

Not sure why I didn’t notice previously but this time round, I noticed lanna being used everywhere..on businesses, shop everywhere! They seem somehow keen to proclaim the lanna culture which was of a kingdom long past that preceded the current monarchy.  Can’t say I know much more, but we stayed in a “lanna” house.  A huge old wooden house, way too big for 2 on the bank of the River Ping.  (I thought they meant Pink..was looking out for pink waters!).

Frankly it is really fun to be in Chiang Mai again, meeting our taxi driver Khun Kran (he has moved up..from a small bone shaker of a taxi to an mpv :), he sarcastically asked if its going to take another 5 years before we come back again..i don’t think he can stand us much, every night we bug him to take us for a hair wash (US3)..for that price, why would i bother to raise my arms to wash and blow dry my hair?  Massage at (US5.60/hour)..whattt…do tip though please, it does make their day.

My stay was a little bit out of town but solitude once in a while is invigorating..


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