what i did last xmas

l1040391sometimes i’m just so grateful i was born and am living here in SEA…all the best holiday places

are just at our door steps

best food, best friendly people, best service

for us in Singapore, our neighbour provides such a rich playground, and, its just a drive away 🙂

we can have a great dinner, massage ..just at a fraction of what it’d cost in Singapore, enjoy life at a pace that is long lost over here 😦

so, what did i do last xmas?  took a random drive up to JB looking for some pond to do a spot of fishing but, ended up just enjoying the drive


houses on stilts..hope they stay this way, view from my seafood restaurant on stilts too!


women at work


more women at work 🙂


open kitchen concept and the singular man at work…sigh

l1040408inner kitchen


cool night air in a one horse town


we are multi racial here, lets stay this way, in fact at the restaurant, we had a good racial mix of families eating away


yup, it was really xmas


i was really tempted, foot massage is excruciatingly painful in a very sensuous way..be very, very careful


ya right! mine is bigger than yours


hey smoking man on the honda coupe…am i too fascinating for you?


hey, this was the original food truck..we were way ahead..i keep telling you this!


pick your sticks, get them deep fried by this lady or..


boil them yourself, there are pots of hot water all round this truck


what are you selling?!!


well..that’s where we were


and on the way home, i just could not resist buying nasi lemak from this tiny stall..

nasi lemak is steamed coconut rice, served with ikan bills (tiny fried fish) and a bit of boiled egg (that’s in Malaysia..over in Singapore it is always a sliver of an omelette…why? don’t know) wrapped into a tiny triangular packet of banana leave..so fragrant..best part?

the spicey sambal (special chilli paste)

no chilli, no life

a very quiet end to a tumultuous year


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