the world is getting weirder and weirder

img_0176the world is getting weirder and weirder..years ago, that was what someone told me, as in all seemingly innocuous moments in time, some things, like this, just gets stuck in the head for all eternity, it was funny at that time and now many years later, i often repeat it, like some old broken down record

when i was a child living in a kampong (a little local village) where houses were often of wooden walls, roofs of zinc sheets and the floor were mostly smoothened cement. tv’s, for what it was worth was such a rarity, only a couple of the well to dos, out of the entire village,  could afford…woe to them, they had to deal with us bunch of village kids standing outside their house peeking in through the window to watch whatever’s playing on tv. on a particular day, the mother was busy mopping the floor…she almost slipped, a small laughter escaped from my mouth involuntarily and guess what?  the daughter marched up to the window to slam it shut, spoiler! but, before she closed the window, she asked me, “your mother never fell down before?”..again, this got stuck in my head and i often dredged in out in any situation, not just about falling per se 🙂

ever been told to stop laughing when you are just replying with a smile?  ever notice how angry people get when they feel that you think they are silly?  all these insecurities and such low self esteem!  i think or perhaps people do feel that people in the service line should not be clever nor capable of answering or maybe expat lady is thinking i’m some dumb Pocahontas..oh well..shoppers do beware, not everyone is stupider than you even if you are the one paying..but as i always say, its a fair exchange, money for goods with professional service thrown in…no one need to be subservient or are you thinking otherwise

and here we are, at the cusp of CNY..tomorrow all the feastings and festivities will begin, visitations to relatives (not me though, gave that up after i turned into a terrible teen and now years later, i’m not switching back), hanging out with friends drinking (yes yes) and gambling (no i find this boring and frankly i hate to lose)…all part of the game

i just found out that my client’s husband passed on, lung cancer and gone in a client was a pretty unusual  woman, her 1st job was her last till the day she retired a couple of years back, we had good fun working on projects with her, she is relaxed and takes my jokes and ribbing with a straight face each time..i could do that because we were servicing her account for many years…but with everything in 2015/16, so many changes, economy slowed and we had less projects and then none, nevertheless, we bumped into each other and i never fail to get a birthday greeting from her, her son sharing my same date of birth helps us remember each other

i’m feeling pensive, every day and every moment can be the last, i can safely say i should have no regrets whenever, i do my best for work, friends and family to each moment of the day. that was a promise i made myself and i do my best to keep to it


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