Random Ramblings


a draft from 3 years back…

stormy emotions are what i am feeling now, eyes that can barely contain tears…fight so hard to keep them inside but the moment it wells up and spills over, getting lashes all wet and running down cheeks..bring with it a trail of mascara..

i have such vivid dreams that sometimes the emotions I feel upon awakening is more intense than my feelings in real life itself.

Just last week, i dreamt i was making my way along the sea shore, over boardwalks, stepping over obstacles and suddenly I found myself on some scaffolding and with a storm brewing at sea..the metal parts came apart and started drifting out to sea with me on it…and i was thinking..my phone’s batt isn’t going to last..and off i went drifting out out out…this lost at sea dreams are recurring and frightening

i also often dreamt of being caught in floods, surrounded by swirling muddy milk tea waters, or stepping into a field, with unexpected pools of weed filled water

i was also on a boat, perched on the crow’s nest, dark swelling seas all around me and i came down from my perch, swinging on a rope

those were dark days


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