5 days in Sulawesi

IMG_0528 copyBefore September 2017 all I knew about Sulawesi was a book I read from way back when, Six Moons in Sulawesi, a vaguely romantic sojourn to the far east in days of yore.  The other interesting fact is the Wallace line falls in Sulawesi which I read in Krakatoa by Simon Winchester (another interesting book).

I knew nothing about Sulawesi, much less about Tangkoko..the nature wildlife reserve which was to be our first top.  My only reason for this was to get a glimpse of the tarsiers.

The way to Tangkoko was no less eventful, we were picked up by our driver and his wife. We arrived on a wet day and in a frazzled state we were wondering why was that our driver had an Italian accent!  The wife is a native, with a baby and the husband (whom we learnt later was not theirs, one of the social work projects) we were to discover shortly, was an ex-priest from Italy!

A pair of extremely hospitable folks, we asked to stop for lunch as the ride from Manado Airport to Tangkoko Nature Reserve was a good 2 hours.


…and after the rain comes sun




..and after a flight comes food 🙂

Check in at the Tangkok Holiday Home


private, full board & lodging

For a trek of 4 hours in the night and 3 hours the morning after, there were sightings of an amazing number of wildlife


Just a short walk from the village, jungle is not too thick.




guide thought it was an owl but upon closer scrutiny, some sort of a marsupial..


GUIDEour guide was like super dedicated, even when I was done, he refused to let me off

FLORAthe jungle was really easy to walk through


the size of those!!


this is my home now..



some sort of a bird..sorry not a bird expert but we got about 5 varieties including the beautiful hornbills


and the amazing tarsiers, we were lucky to catch them in the day..it rained the night before so these were out sunning


black apes…there was a whole gang


apparently these little fishes are preserve or made into sambals..delicious

Not a moment wasted, short but sweet.

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