Day of the Dolphins 2

The dolphins proved to be an allure that I couldn’t resist, so, on my last morning at Bobocha Siladen we took another ride out into the sea, the protected Bunaken National Park in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The footage was even clearer this time round with the addition of the BW Filter on my Sony..the waters looked bluer and the dolphins much clearer.

Sulawesi turned out to be the experience I was looking for.  It’s been years since I’ve been anywhere totally unexplored and off the beaten track.  All my life I have sworn I’d  never dive. I even threatened my travel companion that if I should die, gonna haunt her forever…I was that mad to be forced into it.  In the end, I was staying underwater way longer than any novice…the attraction?  It is really quiet down there, it’s my mind, my control, my life all in my own hands.  And, as I’ve said before, the ocean does sing, its crazy but it really does.

The dive master with me, some skinny so very dark guy, I totally trusted him and when we rise up from the depths, he’d hold my hand, ever so softly, I’ve never felt such comfort for so long.  And if I go to sleep would be just fine.

Manado turned out to be such a novel experience.  Actually the town is pretty built up and it doesn’t look poor.  I asked Sarah, owner of Bobocha Siladen why so?  She told me it is certainly not some poor backwaters, Manado is a trading port and a lot of the natural resources in Sulawesi flows through it, spices, minerals etc and she has seen people in the town like banking in bags of cash..well.

Unique enclave of almost all Christians, according to the people there, the original settlers were Chinese from China.  They do look like a mix of Chinese and natives, dark, smallish eyes, different.

I want to go back again soon, I want to get lost in deep blue seas, they are calling my name.




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